Will You Be Able to Watch NYFW From Your iPhone?

26 Jan

Well, only if you are one of the carefully selected buyers, editors, stylists or industry reporters invited to view Prabal Gurung debut his new collection for ICB digitally during this February’s New York Fashion Week.  “Attendees” will be able to view the show on a computer, tablet or smartphone on February 15th, in the midst of NYFW.  Garung teamed up with KCD, a top fashion industry PR and production agency, and branding agency King & Partners to introduce this innovative way to bring the fashion show from the runway to the iWorld.  And with how quickly our lives have turned digital, why not?  Of course the experiences of going to a fashion show, seeing the clothes, having the opportunity to network and travel to fashion capitals like New York, Paris and London can’t be replaced, but in a week’s schedule busy enough to fill up an entire month for some, going digital might be welcomed.

Not only will selected invitees be able to view the pre-recorded show on their choice of iDevices, there will also be photographs of each look accompanied with detailed shots of accessories, shoes and makeup.  In addition, guests are given access to behind-the-scenes interviews with the designer, and the ability to tag their favorite looks, making it interactive for the buyers.  “Going digital” remains a fairly untapped tool for the fashion world in terms of presenting their lines, and KCD is paving the way to something that may become a part of every fashion line.  Ed Filipowski, Co-President of KCD, told the Wall Street Journal, “Our industry has not taken the time to look within itself and find the digital tools we need.”  KCD is taking that step into mostly uncharted waters to find out if this the way of the future.

In a world where our iPhones, iPads and iEverythings are attached to our hands 24/7, brands have to find ways to make themselves fit into people’s busy lives.  I don’t see digital fashion shows replacing live runway shows anytime soon, but I do think KCD has found a creative way to make sure people (no, not everyday people like ourselves) but influential players in the fashion world, pay attention to Gurung’s new line.  They don’t intend to replace the experience of going to a runway show, but they are providing an alternative for buyers, stylists and reporters who aren’t able to attend every show during the busiest month for fashion.  Mr. Filipowski said, “We are fashion purists and we believe in the runway show. This online experience will replicate the pureness of a live runway show, the only thing this doesn’t give you is the glass of champagne. Bring your own.”

However, fashion PR and marketing expert Crosby Noricks brings up a good point in her blog post on PR Couture, urging the press and bloggers alike to not solely use the “PR approved” shots and descriptions of the clothing provided while they write their critiques, but to bring their own individual reviews to the table.

It will be interesting to see if the digital debut is a success and evolves into a norm for the fashion world, or if the live runway show will live on.  Now if only I could get my hands on one of those invites…


Photo Credit: Maxene Huiyu


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