Fashion Brands Using Instagram #brilliant

29 Jan

Social media has become such an integral part of our lives today that it’s no surprise companies are using mobile apps like Instagram’s API  to engage with consumers on a more personal level.  Instagram began as an iPhone app (surprise, surprise) where users upload their own pictures as well as comment, share and like other people’s pictures.  It’s a social network for photography.  A social network that has become so popular, pictures are being upload at a rate of 15 per second!  And like any social network, brands have recognized Instagram’s popularity and put it to good use.  Fashion brands in particular have thought of creative ways to not only promote their products using Instagram, but interact with customers and turning their brands into lifestyles.

FMM ( recently posted an interesting story looking into how three fashion brands, Bergdorf Goodman, ALDO and Levi’s are successfully using Instagram to promote their brand and taking their public relations to a whole new level.  And although those are the only three brands mentioned in this particular post, there are not surprisingly a handful of other fashion brands using Instragram such as Gucci, Threadless and Burberry to name a few.

Bergdorf Goodman’s “Shoes About Town” Instagram campaign has been a huge success, asking customers to upload photos depicting the secret life of their luxury shoes from Bergdorf’s.  Shenan Reed, cheif marketing officer at Morpheus Media (the company Bergdorf’s partnered with for this campaign), told FMM, “Bergdorf Goodman is very forward thinking in their use of user generated content, especially for a luxury brand. When the time came to celebrate the opening of their new Shoe Salon and their latest Shoe book, Instagram just seemed like a perfect fit. We know the Bergdorf Goodman consumer loves their shoes, and we really wanted to create an interactive program that celebrated the shoe obsessed.”  Well, they hit that one right on the nose.  Bergdorf’s clearly knows their customers, and by incorporating Instagram into their business they have reached the public on a more personal level.  Fashion is such a visual industry, and using Instagram to let the shoe-fanatic share their great finds at Bergdorf’s is a fantastic and innovative idea.

FMM also discusses how ALDO uses Instagram’s API allowing users to tell their own stories of the ALDO brand and what it means to them.  They started the campaign to support their new fragrance collection, engaging customers with a Moodboard where they pick through photographs which they feel represent them and ALDO tells them which fragrance suits them best.  They have plans to increase the levels of engagement for their users by adding games to the site, which is a great idea because clearly their customers are responding well to their Instagram campaign.

Finally, Levi’s has been using Instagram not only to promote their brand, but as a global casting call to find the freshest faces to represent Levi’s in 2012.  Talk about brilliant.  I completely agree with FMM that Levi’s has come up with a great way to encourage worldwide participation in their brand by inviting everyday people to become a part of Levi’s.  Not only are they asking customer’s to upload photos of them in their favorite Levi’s fashions, to enter the program users upload photos with the hashtag #iamlevis.  They are making their brand a lifestyle, and giving customers the chance to make it big.

It will be interesting to see which brands (fashion and all) jump on the Instagram bandwagon, because clearly it is a successful tool that connects brands with customers and reaches them on a more personal level.


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