Inside the World of Fashion PR

2 Feb

When I finally make it big in fashion public relations I’ll be front-row at every Marc Jacobs show, forever jet-setting the world from NYC to Paris to Milan, VIP list at all the industry parties and BFFs with all the celebs, right??  Wrong. (Well hey, a girl can dream.)  And anyone who is actually serious about a job in fashion public relations, or any career in public relations for that matter, knows that.  Just because the word “fashion” is a part of the job title, doesn’t mean I’m fooled into believing it’s all going to be glitz and glam from the get-go, it takes hard work, creativity and long, tedious hours of dedication.

Not to say that events, traveling and attending fashion shows won’t be a part of the job, but I know that’s only a slice of the pie.  I mean, take a look at Kelly Cutrone (pictured above), founder of public relations, branding and marketing firm People’s Revolution.  Her show “Kell on Earth” is a docu-series following her and her staff on a non-stop grind, working hard to promote their clients.  In the first episode, which happens to be leading up to NYFW where they are juggling ten fashion shows, Cutrone kindly tells her staff, “I have a rule, there’s no crying in the office.  If you have to cry go outside.”  Sure, it’s a little harsh, but that proves how crazy the job can get.  So, here are some tips, a few from Ragan’s PR Daily and some from nyc PR girls, that I find helpful for surviving the crazy world of fashion public relations:

  • Attention to detail is key.   This is true in everything you do, from putting together seating for an event, sending out press releases or updating a blog.  You don’t want to spell anyone’s name incorrectly, overlook an important guest or forget to send out important samples.  Details, details, details!
  • Be proactive.  Don’t just sit around and wait for someone to tell you what to do next.  Always be on the lookout for new opportunities and fresh ways to promote your clients and help out around the office.
  • Prepare for long hours.  In fashion PR, there is no “off-switch”.  Working long hours and taking red-eyes can be part of the job, but if it’s what you love then it’s all worth it.
  • Be aware. Always take note of what other campaigns are doing that catch your eye, and brainstorm ideas of how you could use similar strategies to help your own clients.
  • Love what you do.  If you don’t have a passion for what you do, then you aren’t going to do it very well.  Take pride in your work and prove that you are cut out for the job.

What are some tips you have for staying sane and making it in the world of fashion PR?

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