Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy the Show…With Fashion’s Newest App

10 Feb

“Relaxing” is not usually the word that the majority of editors and buyers, who descended upon NYC yesterday, would use to describe their experience at fashion week.  What can usually be an overwhelming experience of crisscrossing across town at a superhuman pace to make as many shows as possible, may be made easier by this new app.  Made Fashion Week, which takes place February 8-15, gives designers another outlet to debut their collections, aside from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week venues.  This year they have provided an app, for both fashionistas and editors alike, which provides the attendees of live runway shows, along with app users, an innovative way to review each look.

The app, which is available at both the Apple app store and the Android Market, synchs up with the runway show the user is attending and tells them which outfit is being shown, along with details such as the designers name, biography and contact information.  But, how does it work?  Well, the app has been designed to pick up soundwaves from the show, which then prompts it to pull up the outfit coming down the runway, with pictures taken from an on-site photographer.  Users can then tag the looks, and share their favorites via social media like Twitter.

What a great way for designers to ensure that no one misses a part of the show because they’re looking down scribbling notes.  Not only that, they are making their shop available to fashion lovers all over, who aren’t some of the lucky few who get to attend the actual show.  Designers and companies can use analytics from the app to see which looks have been e-mailed and tweeted about the most.  This offers them a new insight into the editor’s, buyer’s and consumer’s mind that they never had before.  Although this specific app is for the designers showing at Made Fashion Week, I think it’s a fantastic idea for other designers to consider incorporating into their shows.  It opens up a new line of communication between designers and buyers, who are essentially the ones deciding which looks make it into the stores, and then into consumers shopping bags.

Photo Credit: Tony Buser

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