Twitter-holics. They’re Everywhere.

15 Feb

Do you know any?  Are you one?  Or maybe you are, and you don’t even know.  Ragan’s PR Daily recently posted an article discussing a study conducted at the University of Chicago, which reported that the desire to use social media is harder to resist than the urge to drink or smoke.  The study measured the actions of 205 participants, ages 18-25, over a span of seven days.  They were asked seven times a day, over a 14 hour period, what their desire to use social media was.  Of the 10,588 responses, 7,827 reported they felt a ‘strong desire.’  All of this meaning that the desire to tweet or use email, is stronger than the desire to drink, smoke or drink coffee.

Now personally, I don’t find this all that surprising.  I definitely know some twitter-holics, and can be sure they exist everywhere.  But what’s so wrong with being addicted to tweeting?  Well on a personal level, it may loose you some followers or annoy your friends, but you probably won’t do much damage.  However, I feel that on a professional level, over-tweeting can have a negative effect on your reputation as a professional or as a company.  As far as tweeting from your own account as a professional, you don’t want to bombard people constantly with messages or else they will seem less-important and people won’t pay attention anymore.  Tweet when you have something important to say or to add to a conversation.  You need to find a balance, to make sure your presence is known and you can build a reputation, but you don’t want to annoy people and make them loose interest in you.

Learning to tweet responsibly is an important skill to learn.  If you want to use social media to further your career and make connections, then using it properly is key.  Remembering to make comments thoughtful and relevant to any conversation, instead of constantly bombarding people with messages.  It will make you stand out that much more, in a sea of tweet-aholics.

Photo Credit: Vectorportal


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