Pinterest: The Hottest Website of 2012?

24 Feb

It’s true, according to CNN who has predicted that Pinterest will be the website to watch in 2012.  And, the Wall Street Journal recently named it the “hottest startup in Silicon Valley.”  If you’re not already on Pinterest, you should definitely take some time (and by time I mean clear out a few hours, it can be addicting) to check out the site.  If you don’t have a few hours free right now, I’ll give you a quick overview of what it is.

Pinterest was launched almost two years ago, and since then has reached almost instant popularity.  The site is a visual social network featuring mood boards where users post photographs of things they like, and others can then repin them onto their own boards.  Last month Pinterest surpassed 11 million unique page views, more than double the the number who visited the site in November; according to TechCrunch, “crossing the 10 million mark faster than any other standalone site in history.”  The site hosts a wide-variety of users, including fashion editors and designers, and companies like General Electric.  Roughly 68% of users are women between the ages of 18 and 35.  The instant widespread popularity of Pinterest has caught the eyes of retailers, who are using the site to help draw attention to their products.  However, Pinterest etiquette urges users, “don’t use Pinterest as purely a self-promotion tool.”

Companies are catching on to the craze, and using Pinterest to share products with consumers, create an inspirational atmosphere to connect with customers and as an easy way to drive traffic to their site.  Lands End found an innovative way to be the first company to incorporate a contest into their Pinterest account.  All users had to do was create a Lands End mood board, and pin some of their favorite Lands End items onto their boards.  After they emailed in the links to their boards (increasing email subscribers) they were qualified to win $2500 in gift cards…it was as easy as that!  Lands End increased traffic and time spent on their site, which increased sales and upped their email subscribers.  What a smart idea!  Here’s a few ways how brands could benefit from the wonderfully simple Pinterest:

  • Running a contest through Pinterest is much simpler than Facebook, which has a lot of complicated rules for how you’re allowed to use their site for promotion.
  • Many companies are saying that Pinterest is already bringing in as much, if not more site traffic, than Facebook and Twitter.   When users click on a picture they like, it will take them directly to your webpage!
  • Pinterest is all visual, so it’s a great way for fashion brands to share with consumers what their new looks are.
  • The site creates an inspirational atmosphere, where users can get a better idea of a brand’s personality and feel more connected to it.
  • Not only will your brand gain more notoriety, you will be able to see which looks are most popular and resonate with consumers.

And, it’s fun!!  Pinterest is a great way to see what inspires other people, and is free and easy to use.  So if you’re not already on Pinterest, I would definitely go check it out.



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