DiorMag Goes Live

6 Mar

Last week, just in time for the debut of their 2012 ready-to-wear collection at Paris Fashion Week, Dior launched their online magazine, DiorMag.  Christian Dior is no newcomer to the social media world, with over 7 million fans on Facebook, but the online magazine adds a new dimension to their online presence.  (On a side-note, I was a little disappointed when I visited their new Facebook Timeline, where brands are given the opportunity to showcase their rich fashion history to viewers and Dior has done nothing of the sort.  I wrote about the great opportunities Timeline provides for brands last week, and I think they could use the platform to take Dior lovers back to Paris in 1947 where the brand was established, and build a stronger connection with customers.)

Anyways, back to their online magazine.  It was went live last week with eight articles, and on Friday their fashion show was live-streamed for the first time.  At the same time, fashion blogger Susie Bubble was in charge of keeping everyone up-to-date on Twitter.  Dior plans to update the online magazine daily with background stories of the brand and it’s products, meant to entertain and inform readers.  I think it’s a great idea, and will build upon connections with customers they already have, as well as draw in new ones.

Fashion brands and designers are using social media as a way to let consumers around the world get closer to their brand and feel more of a connection.  It’s not so much a promotional tool, but a tool to open up a world that used to be reserved for a small group of people.  When used the right way, social media can do wonders for the fashion world.


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