Fashion Label “Live Pins” From Photo Shoot

9 Mar

Yet another high-end fashion label has found an innovative way to incorporate Pinterest into their social media plan.  This time it’s Calypso St. Barth who has actually hired the fourth-most followed pinterest user in the world and fashion blogger, Christine Martinez to “live pin” a photo shoot for the label’s summer 2012 look book.  And the best part for Martinez?  The photo shoot is on St. Barth, a beautiful island in the Caribbean!

Martinez, Chrisem on Pinterest, who has almost 1 million followers on Pinterest is pinning to her own page and Calypso’s as well.  Martinez’s page is full of boards that inspire her and show her fashion sense and they are bright and colorful.  Her newest boards are “Packing for St. Barth” and “Island Photoshoot”.  Calypso has found (or at least is testing out) a way to use Pinterest to draw more attention to their label, and formed a partnership that makes sense.  They are hoping that by teaming up with Martinez, who has such a big following on Pinterest, they will drive more people to visit their website as well.  ICED Media is the digital marketing agency representing Calypso.  ICED President Leslie Hall told Mashable, “The reason this program is primed for success is Christine is an actual Calypso shopper and her boards embody the Calypso aesthetic.”  By looking at Martinez’s page, you can tell how the Calypso brand fits in, and the partnership makes sense.

Calypso’s use of Pinterest to promote their new look book is authentic and not over-the-top advertising, I hope that companies don’t start cluttering the site with promotions.  It is inevitable that being paid to pin may be the next step for the fashion industry, and as long as companies are honest and transparent when partnering with Pinterest users then I don’t see a problem with it.  Calypso is the first to start “live pinning” but I can bet it won’t be long before others jump on board.


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