Over The Top Fashion Week Invites

11 Mar

Designers showing at Paris Fashion Week took their creativity to new levels with fun and innovative fashion show invites this year.  One would think that the show itself would be the main attraction for something like this, but some of these invitations are grabbing attention too.  Susie Bubble (I told you about her last week, she’s the lucky fashionista who was live-tweeting from Dior’s runway show) posted about some of the over-the-top invites she received this year.  Check out the invites on Susie’s blog, like Stella McCartney’s which included sparklers!  Loewe’s invite came with a handcrafted paper purse, zippers and handles included. Margiela sent a mini torch, which when a button is pushed projects the show details lit-up on the wall.  Pretty creative if you ask me.  Especially when people would show up to these shows if the invitation were written on a piece of notebook paper.  So, what’s with all the hype?

Well, I think its smart of the designers to turn the whole experience, from the invite to the live runway show, into an event that the lucky attendees won’t forget.  The whole industry is about expressing your creativity, and I would expect nothing less than to the have the most influential designers sending out one-of-a-kind invitations.  I mean, if the invite is that eye-catching, imagine what the rest of the show will be like?  It makes the person receiving the invitation excited about what is to come at the show, and makes the whole event more special.  I know I wouldn’t mind opening up my mailbox to see a box full of sparklers inviting me to Stella McCartney’s runway show.

Photo Credit: Susie Bubble

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